Narrative inquiry in teacher education: concepts, criteria, case studies and a critique

Year: 1991

Author: Gough, Noel, Alexander, Ken, Beavis, Catherine, Maunder, Heather, Prior, Warren

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper is a work-in-progress report on selected aspects of what has become known as the Victoria College Narrative Inquiry in Teacher Education (NITE) project. The projectÕs title, its convenient acronym (we took to calling ourselves Ôthe NITE clubÕ) and our joint authorship of this paper may give an impression of coherence, common purpose and sustained teamwork, but we make no such claim. Rather, we are using the concept of narrative inquiry as an organising principle to facilitate a coalition of compatible endeavours in which we share resources and exchange ideas, in ways that we usually find are congenial and constructive.