Silly us! Of course the grid doesn't work': reading methodologies and policy texts on principals' work

Year: 2002

Author: Blackmore, Jill, Thomson, Pat, Sachs, Judyth

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This symposium presents work in progress from an ARC (discovery grant) funded investigation of principal supply, conducted by Jill Blackman, Judyth Sachs and Pat Thomas. Our research goals are to examine claims of an impending shortage of school principals in particular schools and localities, critically evaluate a range of possible reasons for this shortage, and ultimately, through woprk with principals' organisations, to develop some possibilities for policy action. In this symposium we focus on: (1) existing studies of principal supply (2) trends apparent from demographic and employment data, and (3) a text and interview based study of 'human resources' policy. We invite discussion on the implications of this first stage for the next - a national survey and interviews with teachers in pre-service training and in their first years of teaching.