Some effects of structured workplace learning on students' attitudes to school learning and its impact on personnel in host workplaces

Year: 2001

Author: Welch, Allan, Williamson, John

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This paper reports on the findings of a case study into the effects of structured workplace learning on secondary students' attitudes to learning in compulsory schooling and the effects of such programs on personnel in host workplaces. The attitude study used matched pairs to compare two groups from a year 10 cohort in compulsory schooling. In each pair one student undertook structured workplace learning as an adjunct to their studies and the other did not. The study found that for students exposed to structured workplace learning there was a tendency towards improved attitudes to learning at the valuing level of Krathwohl's (1964) taxonomy. The host workplace study found evidence of favourable impacts on personnel in terms of O'Connell's (1994) workplace context layers. The implications for school authorities and host employers are discussed.