Perceptions of student-teacher interactions in exemplary science teachers' classroom

Year: 2001

Author: Waldrip, Bruce, Fisher, Darrell

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The purpose of the study described in this paper was to identify and describe exemplary science teachers using the Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction (QTI). With a sample of over 493 science students, the reliability of the QTI scales ranged from 0.69 to 0.87. The better (exemplary) teachers could be identified as those whose students’ perceptions were more than one standard deviation above the mean on the scales of Leadership, Helping/Friendly, and Understanding and more than one standard deviation below the mean on the Uncertainty, Dissatisfied and Admonishing scales. The construct validity of the QTI to identify exemplary teachers was confirmed through interviews with students and these views are reported in the paper.