The teaching profession in the global age: Challenges ahead

Year: 2001

Author: Vongalis, Athena

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

While evidence from supranational agencies shows that teachers are crucial to the ‘positive’ implementation of educational change, the teacher is commonly treated as a functionary in education system instead of an agent with a central, authoritative role in education reform , . Policy directives globalizing education overlook the complexity of teachers’ agency and how this agency interacts and engages with the education structure . There is a reciprocal relationship between teachers as social agents and education yet this relationship is downplayed in the policy of supranational organizations. This limits understanding the role of teachers as a social class acting within a changing education system. The implications of this limitation has political and professionals ramifications for teachers and their capacity to act on behalf of a more equitable and socially responsible education system. This paper focuses on how teachers’ agency is being redefined in global education policy. The intention is to demonstrate the structural constraints on teachers’ agency and their responses in order to evaluate the implications of these constraints on teachers, as a professional social class in the global age.