Challenging the unchallengeable high ground: Curriculum integration and the school subject

Year: 2001

Author: Venville, Grady, Wallace, John, Rennie, Leonie, Malone, John

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Commentators have described the school subject as "unchallengeable high ground" and an "impregnable fortress". Indeed, curriculum documents throughout the western world stand as evidence that the school subject is as strong as ever. There is, however, a persistent movement that is lapping at and eroding the high ground of the school subject know as curriculum integration. There is considerable breadth to the literature base about curriculum integration, including classroom testimonials, research reports and theoretical attestations of avid supporters and opponents. In this paper we review and critically analyse this literature through a theoretical framework that describes the curriculum in terms of disciplinary and worldly paradigms. While the disciplinary paradigm is still the hegemonic curriculum structure in Australia and most other countries, we suggest that there has been a shift in its dominant position.