International education - understanding new cultures and new pedagogies

Year: 2001

Author: Tsolidis, Georgina

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Taking as a base understanding that pedagogies are themselves culturally situated knowledges, the intention is to explore the cultural understandings which underpin pedagogies used in international education. It is argued that these pedagogies are expressions of new cultural formations that both characterise and are facilitated by international education. Through an examination of Bauman’s development of the consumer cooperative as a metaphor for postmodern culture, the argument is made that cross-cultural pedagogies at the heart of international education have a radical possibility which can be realised if the dialectical relationship between sameness and difference is mediated by an understanding that both students and teachers act and author in the classroom. This framework is used to explore interviews undertaken with international students for an ARC funded study. This is very much a work in progress and the intention here is to consider these students’ experiences studying in Australia in relation to the role of international education more broadly. What role does international education play in assisting international and Australian students develop identities responsive to and representative of new cultural imperatives?