Integrating ICT into the Learning Environment at Sevenoaks Senior College: How Teachers and Students use Technology in Teaching and Learning

Year: 2001

Author: Trinidad, Sue, McNish, Jean, Aldridg, Jill, Fraser, Barry, Wood, David

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports part of a larger, ongoing study of an innovative new school. Sevenoaks Senior College is committed to creating a highly outcomes-focused curriculum by integrating unique Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure into the delivery of educational programs, online curricula, and management systems for both teachers and students. The study used qualitative research methods to examine the ways in which students use ICT and their attitudes towards its use. The study also examined the types of support, training and environment that facilitate the effective integration of ICT in teaching and learning. The findings indicate that teachers are making substantial progress in their transition towards teaching in an ICT-rich environment. The results indicate that most students hold positive attitudes towards their experiences at Sevenoaks and feel that the ICT-rich environment being developed at the school encourages students to become more self-directed in their learning.