Practicum student teachers' reflectivity, practicum performance and clinical supervision

Year: 2001

Author: Toh, Wah Seng

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The purpose of the study was to investigate practicum student teachers’ reflectivity and to examine its relationship to their performance and clinical supervision. The participants consisted of 223 student teachers from a teachers’ college in Malaysia who were undergoing their first phase of their student teaching practicum of six weeks. Data on student teachers’ reflectivity was sourced from their journal writings and the level of reflectivity of each participant was assessed through the use of a revised reflective pedagogical thinking rating scale adapted from the literature. Data on student teachers’ practicum performance was sourced from the college records. Clinical supervision was measured in terms of the degree of clinical supervisory behaviours exhibited by the supervisors as perceived by the student teachers. Results of the analyses indicate that student teachers were hardly reflective, exhibiting very low levels of reflectivity based on van Manen’s classification of levels of reflectivity. There were no indications that reflectivity was related to practicum performance and clinical supervision. However a significant relationship between clinical supervision and practicum performance was detected. Student teachers' gender, academic qualifications and coursework performance were also examined in terms of their relationships to reflectivity and practicum performance. Interpretations of the results and recommendations are discussed in relation to the context of the study.