Learning environment, teacher-student interpersonal behaviour and achievement among university students in Indonesia

Year: 2001

Author: Soerjaningsih, Widia, Nusantara, Bina, Fraser, Barry, Aldridge, Jill

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The study examined whether relationships exist between students’ cognitive and affective outcomes and the quality of teacher-student interactions among students in a private university in Indonesia. To measure students’ perceptions of the lecturer-student interaction, 422 students from 12 classes were asked to respond to a modified version of the Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction (QTI). A measure of students’ achievement was retrieved from the university data base. To measure students’ attitudes towards their class, two modified scales from the Test of Science Related Attitudes (TOSRA) and a satisfaction scale were used. This study also involved examining differences and similarities between the perceptions of students attending the Computer Science department and the Management department at this information technology university in Jakarta. The study identified which types of interactions are most likely to promote student outcomes in computer-related courses and identified ways in which the university could enhance the teaching and learning process.