Teacher or trainer? The shaping of teacher identities in adult education contexts.

Year: 2001

Author: Santoro, Ninetta

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In response to changing government funding priorities there has been a shift away from the provision of needs based language and personal development courses for adults in community based contexts towards the delivery of vocational education. Much vocational education is characterized by competency-based curriculum and outcomes influenced by the needs of the current labour market as well as economic driven initiatives such as competitive tendering for short-term course funding. These trends have resulted in changes to the nature of curriculum, assessment, and the purpose and nature of the delivery of courses to adult learners. In turn, these changes affect the ways in which teachers see themselves and carry out their roles as professionals. This paper explores the ways in which the current discourses of vocational education shape teacher identities across a variety of vocational education contexts and the ways in which teacher identities are played out through training and teaching practices.