Partnerships for effective teacher renewal

Year: 2001

Author: Perry, Chris, Cooper, Maxine

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Quality Teacher Program (QTP) recently introduced by the Commonwealth Government is a three year program that provides funding to strengthen the skills and understanding of those in the teaching profession. In Victoria, The Association of Independent Schools of Victoria (AISV) in response to this initiative, has developed a project entitled 'School-based Teacher Renewal' involving three independent sector specific strategies and one cross-sectoral strategy. One of these strategies, 'Teacher Renewal Through Partnerships' is a strategy which focuses on schools establishing a teacher renewal coordinating team being assisted by a university facilitator to address teacher issues of teacher renewal. Schools were required to develop a Quality Teacher Strategic Plan associated with target curriculum area/s. Integral to this strategy is the provision of an external facilitator to support the teacher renewal coordinating team in each school. Approximately 46 academic staff from Faculties of Education at Deakin University and the University of Melbourne are working with in partnership with AISV across 50 schools on this three-year project. This project builds on successful teacher professional development outcomes learned from the previous Commonwealth project, the Innovative Links Between Universities and Schools under the National Professional Development Program (NPDP) from 1994 to 1996. This paper, presented by the Project Directors from Melbourne University and Deakin University will describe outcomes of the 'Teacher Renewal Through Partnerships' program and discuss findings gathered from experiences to date of those involved in this partnership program.