Teacher satisfaction and motivation in Cyprus

Year: 2001

Author: Papanastasiou, Elena

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Many societies today place a considerable emphasis on education, and therefore expect a lot from teachers. However, the possibility of attaining desirable educational outcomes and meeting societyl’ss expectations of the role of the teacher strongly depends on the quality of those employed as teachers, on the motives that have influenced them to join the teaching profession, as well as on their motivation and satisfaction while they are actually teaching. The purpose of this study is to examine the motivational and satisfaction levels of teachers in Cyprus. This study should be especially interesting, in light of the fact that most teachers in Cyprus join the teaching profession because of extrinsic reasons, such as status of the profession, high salary and long summer vacations. Such information can be especially enlightening in trying to determine the effects that these extrinsic reasons for entering the teaching profession can have on the quality of the teaching profession in this country.