Evaluating and improving teaching practice and distance teacher training programs using learning environment instruments

Year: 2001

Author: Ntuli, Sipho

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This study is part of a longer study that examined the viability of using learning environment instruments to assess and improve the teaching practice of student teachers training at a distance. Both quantitative and qualitative methods of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data were employed. The student teachers were sensitized to the subtle but important aspects of classroom life (Fraser, 1993, 2000) using the What Is Happening in this Class? (WIHIC) questionnaire. The WIHIC was then administered by the same student teachers to their grade 7 mathematics classes, to measure the learners’ preferred and actual perceptions of their mathematics classroom environment. In addition, a students’ satisfaction scale, modified from the Test of Science Related Attitudes (Fraser, 1981), was administered to assess primary school students’ satisfaction with their mathematics classroom environment. The results based on the data that have been collected thus far are analyzed and discussed in this paper.