Collaborative research into ICT and the literacy curriculum: Crossing borders or creating new barriers?

Year: 2001

Author: Nixon, Helen, Kerin, Rosie, Sansom, Lee

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper arises from a 12 month research project conducted by university researchers in collaboration with education department personnel in two South Australian middle school classrooms. The research investigated the resources drawn upon by teachers and students during the design and implementation of literacy/English curriculum that integrated ICTs. Green’s 3D model of l(IT)eracy is used to reread the engagement of three sets of participants in the project: Technology School of the Future (TSoF), teachers and schools, and university researchers. The argument is made that changing literacies in relation to ICTs require students, teachers and researchers alike to expand their repertoires of capabilities in relation to literacy, l(IT)eracy and research literacy.