Peel Education and TAFE, learning model: A regional Western Australian response to learning communities

Year: 2001

Author: Nevard, Jennifer, Goff, Malcolm

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Collocation of services in regional Western Australia is an important strand in W.A.'s Regional Development Policy. The intent of this initiative is to foster working relationships amongst stakeholder groups, with a view to ensuring regional Western Australian communities have access to quality services.

Challenger TAFE with two education partners, the W.A. Department of Education and Murdoch University, has produced a new concept in joint delivery of education and training. It goes beyond existing utility focused Australian models of education campus co-location and incorporates the values of a learning community.

Key factors influencing this initiative have been formulated from the positive flow-on from two national education and training policy decisions and through the cooperative and trusting local arrangements that have been built over the last decade, within the region.

These energies have come together at the Peel Education and TAFE Campus to produce a concept that extends beyond existing models and commitments to cross-sectoral education and training in Australia.

The model reflects local circumstances and a history of trust and cooperative activity amongst the organisations involved. It is not intended as a blue print for other sites because circumstances vary and this model may not be readily replicable.