Experiences and reflections of PDHPE beginning teachers: A pilot study

Year: 2001

Author: McCormack, Ann, Thomas, Kaye

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The recent report of the NSW Ministerial Review of Teacher Education, Quality Matters (2000) highlighted the importance of supporting the induction of teachers into the workplace and the need for partnerships between initial teacher education programs and employers to ensure a smooth induction into the profession of teaching. The aim of this pilot study was to identify factors which cause concern, assist in retention of graduates or lead to separation of beginning teachers. A sample group of graduates from a double degree Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Health & Physical Education initial teacher education program completed a comprehensive questionnaire and participated in structured interviews to investigate the relevance of their teacher preparation, teacher induction and professional growth during their first years of employment. This paper will make use of qualitative and quantitative data to discuss their experiences, concerns and future aspirations with the view to strengthening initial teacher education programs and informing teacher induction processes.