Missing Out on a Higher Education Place in Queensland

Year: 1991

Author: Cantwell, Robert H., Moore, Phillip J.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

More than 11000 of the 44,000 applicants for undergraduate entry to Queensland universities in 1990 and more than 19000 of the 52,000 for 1991 were unsuccessful.

With financial support from the Queensland Office of Higher Education and the Commonwealth Department of Employment, Education and Training, admissions agency data on unsuccessful applicants' course preferences, ability (estimated from tertiary entrance scores), geographical location and socio-economic status (estimated by home postcode) were analysed along with survey responses on current studies, work, satisfactions with aspects of life, and intentions to reapply for higher education courses.

The paper summarizes the report on the 1990 study, updates information on the level of unmet demand for entry to Queensland higher education in 1991, and raises implications for State education planning authorities and institutions.