Developing a draft policy statement for a national professional association (the case of the Teacher Education Network of ACSA and a policy statement for "Curriculum Studies in Teacher Education Programs"): How authentic can consultation, negotiation and collaboration be at this level of scale?

Year: 2001

Author: Macpherson, Ian, Aspland, Tania, Brooker, Ross

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Since 1995, the ACSA Teacher Education Network has facilitated six-hours workshops at each Biennial Conference. The workshops have focused on the intensification of teachers' curriculum work, the framing of teachers' curriculum work as curriculum leadership, and the implications for supporting and sustaining teachers' efforts in curriculum decision-making conceived as curriculum leadership. The workshop at the 2001 Biennial Conference drew from these earlier foci and from a national mapping exercise across Australian Universities to develop a draft policy statement for ACSA for "Curriculum Studies in Teacher Education programs. In reflecting on the process leading to this draft policy statement, we cross borders by asking ourselves how authentic consultations, negotiations and collaboration were in this research-based process about professional practice.

Key points will be drawn from each individual paper within a framing provided by the introductory paper. It will be these key points, together with perspectives from research participants, which will form the basis for conversation in the symposium. A synthesis of the conversation, along with plans for continuing the conversation will conclude the symposium. The symposium will also include input from a discussant (yet to be identified).