From the horse's mouth: Factors inhibiting and driving innovation in ICT education

Year: 2001

Author: Lynch, Julianne, Collins, Francesca

Type of paper: Refereed paper

The ICT-Ed Project is one of a number of national DETYA-funded studies currently investigating educational innovations in the major disciplines at the university level. The ICT-Ed Project focuses on educational innovation in information and communication technology (ICT)–related disciplines, such as computer science, information systems and software engineering. As part of this study university teaching staff from relevant departments across Australia participated in mini-conferences where they discussed the factors driving and inhibiting educational initiatives in their disciplines. This paper reports the issues identified and discusses them with reference to national and international trends in university funding and governance. Broad issues described include policy and funding priorities, technological development, changing student populations and staff motivation. Although participants in the study were drawn from ICT-related departments, many of the issues described are relevant to university educators more generally.