A student project with many side-effects

Year: 2001

Author: Ludewig, Alexandra

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Since the release of the Apple product iMovie, students in the Language Departments at The University of Western Australia (UWA) have been working with this software as part of their assessment. In this paper/presentation I would like to introduce the underlying concept behind using short film-making in language teaching by using the experiences within the Department of German at UWA as an example. Thereby I will elaborate on the underlying methodology, the rationale, the course objectives, the implementation and evaluation process as a paradigm for a possible wider up-take. While the data and the research findings themselves are a powerful persuasion for a generic implementation of this teaching and learning tool, the iMovie project also has some indirect side-effects which are less tangible and measurable but not less important in the understanding of knowledge transformation. Among these are cultural literacy, technical literacy, and interpersonal communication skills thus ensuring for the students a very holistic learning experience. Overall, the iMovie project’s success ultimately lies in its ease of use and versatility, and promises a valuable extension to many disciplines.