Bridging the counselling experience of international students

Year: 2001

Author: Kambouropoulos, Alexa

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Whilst the international movement of students is not new in institutions of higher education, this flow has consolidated more recently through globalisation. This influx of students predominantly from South East Asia has brought its own challenges to the institutions and is also re shaping the context in which counsellors and helping practitioners work. Initial research exploration has led me to believe that international student's underutilise counselling services. If indeed there is such an under utilisation can this be credited to barriers such as language, culture bound attitudes, or students' perceptions of counsellors and counselling services? Or could this be attributed to counsellors personal value orientations and biases, the way in which culture is defined and understood with in counselling discourses and the effect of this on services? This paper being a work in progress, discusses the above issues from both the student and counsellor perspective's with the view of providing appropriate counselling services to international students.