Eresearch on eteaching in (e)ntrapment

Year: 2001

Author: Johnson, Richard

Type of paper: Refereed paper

In this paper I reflect on three research projects emerging from my on online learning and teaching.
The data used in this paper is current and the media is low-tech and accessible. This paper is not about the hardware and software of technology. Rather, it is about a teacher educator's struggle to try to make sense of online pedagogy at a time when academics seem to be constantly exhorted to take their courses online. This paper draws on data from the following projects:

1. My involvement in the development and teaching of the 'Education Studies Major Online Project'. I have been teaching undergraduate students doing their first year education studies program with the option of:
o Not attending university-based lectures or tutorials and doing all their work online;
o Attending face-to-face lectures and tutorials, and
o A mixture of face-to-face and online.
2. The Research in Computers in Education (RICE) group which started in 1995.
3. The Good Learning on the World Wide Web (GLOW) Project with a secondary college in which undergraduate teacher education students tutor year 9/10 students from the college.
4. Two Masters in Education units with particular reference to the compulsory online discussion component.
5. The Faculty Research Group project entitled 'The social and pedagogical implications of new learning technologies for learners and teachers'.