Cost of past rationales for the future support of education

Year: 2001

Author: Jefferson, Anne L.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The financial objective for the generation of revenue and their redistribution to the education system is in essence the same no matter which countries is our focus. The objective is to remove inequality of educational opportunity. It is very rewarding to learn that this objective is the umbrella of financial schemes put in place by governments.

One would not be faulted greatly if the simile was extended to the schemes themselves. But, the informed would quickly enlighten the simplicity of such an extension. The last century of work within the education finance area has if nothing else made us fully aware of how inequality is situational defined.

The complexity of the situation is much more intense when it is extended beyond the boundaries of provinces. Here, the desire to remain distinct while becoming part of the new global economy becomes factors that are important within the equation.

This paper will explore these dynamics in an attempt to further understand why education is being financially supported in the manner it is and the consequences this support will have for the upcoming generation.