Telling or teaching: Towards a new lecturing paradigm

Year: 2001

Author: Harley, Anna

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The digital age is producing a revolution in higher education, yet for many the concept of lecturing has remained unchanged, underpinned by a belief that the teaching and learning process is simply a transfer of knowledge. (Fox 1983). Even those who have challenged this model have often adopted a prescriptive approach; viewing lecturing as a set of skills that can be mastered (Gibbs 1985; Cannon 1992; Murphy 1998). This paper will argue the case for a new lecturing paradigm, one that is more soundly based in learning theory and that has as its central tenet the aim of fostering deeper learning (Marton & Saljo 1976; Biggs 1989; Gow & Kember 1990). It will link theory in this field with a discussion of the insights gained from interviews with ten experienced practitioners, selected by peer and student evaluation. These interviews explore why these educators believe that their lecturing style has implications for the way in which their student learn and examine the structures and strategies they employ to encourage a deeper approach to learning.