Computers for secondary mathematics: Who uses them and how?

Year: 2001

Author: Forgasz, Helen, Prince, Nike

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In the first stage of a three-year study in which the effects of using computers for the teaching and learning of mathematics are being explored, a questionnaire was developed and administered to a large number of students in grades 7–10 in a representative sample of co-educational post-primary schools in Victoria. Using open and closed response formats, the information sought included: background and biographical details; data on computer ownership and use—frequency and mode(s)—for mathematics learning at home and in mathematics classes; and beliefs about mathematics and the use of computers for learning mathematics. Teachers of these students also answered a survey on their professional background, computer ownership and use, and their beliefs and practices in teaching mathematics with computers. In this paper, the focus will be findings related to ownership and use of computers for teaching mathematics. Relevant data have been analysed by gender and socio-economic status. The preliminary findings are presented and pertinent implications discussed.