Investigating modes of subject delivery in teacher education: A review of modes of delivery at the school of education and professional studies Gold Coast campus Griffith University

Year: 2001

Author: Finger, Glenn, Penney, Andrew

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Flexible learning initiatives are a major objective of Griffith University's Strategic Plan. Moreover, academics are encouraged to implement a range of modes of delivery, including various models of intensive delivery. This research, following a conceptualisation of a variety of forms of delivery which included traditional formats, intensive modes of delivery and web-delivery of subjects, identified a diverse range of perspective's, tensions and important considerations perceived by students and academic staff about those modes of delivery. Key issues reported were that design is critical, some subjects were more suitable for intensive modes of delivery than others, the duration of the program could be condensed, concerns about and benefits of intensive delivery were articulated, students questioning the 'value for money' of some subjects, and the perceived benefits for students of on-campus studies. Based upon the findings, the review presented recommendations for informing the strategic planning and delivery of subjects.