Professional development in the use of IT in tertiary teaching through synergetic partnerships

Year: 2001

Author: Ferry, Brian, Agostinho, Shirley

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This paper describes a synergetic partnership between two teachers (the authors of this paper). One had expertise in pedagogy and curriculum design, but had little experience with the use of the Web to support learning in tertiary settings. The other had little experience with pedagogy and curriculum design, but had expertise in using the Web to support learning in tertiary settings. The paper explains how the authors collaborated to develop deeper understandings of their roles as teachers and users of information technology to support adult learners. The process combined the skills of both teachers and led to improvements in the design, implementation and evaluation of a subject delivered by a mixture of face-to-face and Web-supported instruction. Two additional purposes were also achieved. First, both used multiple sources of information to gain insights into the effectiveness of their teaching practice and to use this information to make on-going modifications to the on-line delivery of the subject. Secondly, both teachers were able to extend their technical skills.

Data were gathered from students who provided written feedback via an asynchronous discussion forum, e-mail and written assignments, and informal oral feedback via discussion with a teaching assistant. The teachers kept journals and used these entries to provide each other with feedback via e-mail and formal discussion at weekly meetings.