Teaching styles and their influence on pupils

Year: 2001

Author: Cullingford, Cedric

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This is part of a review of the experience of schooling from the point of view of pupils who are 16 years old ie. at the end of their compulsory education. It is based mainly on lengthy semi-structured interviews with pupils and some ex-pupils representing a wide spectrum of socio-economic circumstances. The original and ostensible context of the research was the relationship between the experience of schooling and their future employment prospects. Questions about the purpose of school and its impact on their domestic and future employment gave a particular perspective on the formal and informal parts of school, on the curriculum, on skills, on learning experiences and the different influences on pupils' choices and motivations. This paper examines the particular impact on different teachers and the ways in which they taught, according to the demands of the subject, the expectations of their colleagues and the hopes of students. The pupils' clear perspectives have implications for teachers and policy makers.