A holistic approach to teacher education programme evaluation

Year: 2001

Author: Chang, Shook-Cheong Agnes, Cheng Soh, Kay

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The usual approach to an internal evaluation of an initial teacher education programme is to get feedback from the trainees in terms of the programme achieving its stated objectives. But the stakeholders of a programme involve more than just the trainees and the developer of that particular programme. The key stakeholders are the schools, the trainees and all the lecturers involved in teaching the programme. Hence the National Institute of Education in Singapore uses a 3-pronged approach to evaluate its initial teacher programmes. Questionnaires are developed for the trainees, school principals and NIE lecturers involved in the respective programmes. As the Institute has adopted the Attitude-Skills-Knowledge Model as its training model, the items in the questionnaires reflect trainees’ readiness for classroom teaching in terms of their attitudes, skills and knowledge. The items also reflect the " Thinking School. Learning Nation", "Project-Work", "National Education", and "Information Technology" initiatives introduced into education in recent years to prepare trainees for the challenges in the new millennium.