Artists who teach: an ethnographic study into the relation between artistic practice and teaching practice of artists who teach in tertiary settings.

Year: 2001

Author: Carroll, Judith

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports on current research that investigates the relation between artistic practice and teaching practice. Based on a previous study into the unconfirmed prediction embedded in Disciplined Based Art Education (DBAE), that the sophisticated practice of artists conforms to an integrated and disciplined pattern, this study hypothesises that artists who teach find few pedagogical resources within their own practice. Despite the symbolic capital invested in the belief that it is artistic practice that informs their pedagogy, and despite the apparent tendency for artists to reproduce stylistic character in their apprentices, this investigation seeks to disconfirm the view that the instructional relations between student and artist teacher were driven by art educational convention rather than the formalised reproduction of their own practical artistic experience.