A journey of learning: Inclusive school development

Year: 2001

Author: Carrington, Suzanne, Robinson, Robyn

Type of paper: Refereed paper

A global recognition of students’ rights requires school organisations to recognise, value, and provide for diversity. The move towards more inclusive schooling in Queensland, Australia requires schools to address professional development on two levels: reculturing of the school to reflect inclusive beliefs and values; and enhancement of teacher skills and knowledge to better address the learning needs of all students. The recently developed Index for Inclusion (Booth, Ainscow, Black-Hawkins, Vaughan, & Shaw, 2000) is one resource that can facilitate the proces of professional development and facilitate change in school culture, policy and teaching practice. The Index proce: described in this paper incorporates the use of a critical friend and peer mentoring within an action research model which together provide benefits for all involved in the professional development process. This paper reports on the initial stages of a collaborative partnership between a university and a primary school in a disadvantaged socioeconomic area of Queensland, Australia. The stages of the journey of learning incorporating the Index for Inclusion are reported.