eVenturing with information enabled innovators and entrepreneurs: Designing customised learning space for the new skill set requirements of eBusiness

Year: 2001

Author: Brown-Parker, John, Gaca, M., Chow, G., Teuscher, U.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Existing graduate programs at the Centre for eBusiness and Communication, Swinburne, are successfully meeting the challenge of developing information enabled managers with the knowledge, skills and abilities to operate in complex eBusiness environments and networked global marketspaces. Having made the transition to the virtual world of eBusiness, the next challenge was to design a flexible learning space that encouraged information enabled learners to eVenture in cyberspace. A fresh design approach was required to develop the new concepts, principles and techniques needed to help learners look beyond the horizon, identify emerging and unfamiliar indicators of change and then use sound business acumen to generate strategic opportunities and sustainable eBusiness models. This paper describes the development of a customised learning and assessment space, built upon a tested digital delivery system, that allows learners to move comfortably through time, space and place; transcend the limitations of national boundaries and the constraints of bricks and mortar; and apply the new "virtual" skill set of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.