Teachers and IT - integrating the two into the curriculum

Year: 2001

Author: Beck, Margie

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Snyder (2000) writes, "There needs to be more research into how [faculty] departments and individual teachers integrate computers into curricula and how computers interact with the whole school curriculum. How does pedagogy change? Do teachers' expectations alter? What are the implications for teachers' professional development?' (AER Journal Vol27, 2 August.) The professional development offered for using IT in the classroom will be examined through the eyes of four teachers in a secondary school. Each of the teachers came from different teaching areas and had varying skills in IT as well as different experiences in using IT in the classroom. The change in the way the teachers taught and expected their students to work were examined as part of the case study approach taken in attempting to answer some the questions posed by Snyder. Long term changes appeared to be possible only when the teachers' new IT skills overcame their fear of changing established methods of delivery. The organisational process involved in gaining access to the IT Centre also played a part in whether the teachers were willing to organise lessons using IT.