SYMPOSIUM 32: ePosters

The Teachersl’s Work and Lives SIG will be hosting a poster session at AARE 2001, and featured will be ePosters. Included will be an ePoster ‘how tol’s to get participants started on using this form of conference presentation.

A poster that is presented at a professional conference is not usually a single "chunk" of information or a single page. However a poster is usually a "stand alone" which means it must make the presentation itself.

An ePoster is any display that would typically be delivered as a poster, but, instead incorporates computer driven electronic presentation tool formatting in the design and/or delivery.

ePosters can incorporate sound, video, animation, various kinds of graphics, hyperlinks, activities, even opportunities for the viewer to make changes and/or additions. For example, with the proper interactivity and programming tools, you could change the words of the ePoster that is described above so that they said whatever you would like for them to say.

So, the bottom line is that an ePoster is an electronic presentation that is developed and/or delivered with the use of computer technologies. An ePoster has all of the characteristics of a regular poster, and it is enhanced in some way by the use of tools that are available through computer based electronic presentation applications.

An ePoster can be developed and/or delivered by using any electronic presentation application program. And, ePosters that provide opportunities for active audience participation through uses of hyperlinks, computer generated interactivity, and/or "on-the-fly" programming tend to be particularly effective.