Introducing ESOP: An overview of the project

Year: 2001

Author: Barnes, Geoff, Brock, Paul, Pegg, John

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Using the wealth of quantitative and qualitative data available in one of the world's largest school systems, this project aims to identify and analyse those junior secondary 'schooling' processes that generate outstanding educational outcomes in metropolitan, rural, and isolated NSW public schools. The focus is on those processes operating within schools, in general, but particularly within subject-departments and/or other within-school groupings or teams of teachers, that appear influential in achieving 'outstanding educational outcomes' in approximately 50 identified Years 7-10 NSW public school sites.

The research is divided in three phases, representing each year of the project. The first year will be spent on accumulating and analysing the quantitative and qualitative data on the 458 public secondary and central schools in NSW. The second year involves intensive case-study research within the 50 sites selected, focusing as appropriate on subject-departments, programs and initiatives within the schools in question. The third year will focus on the development and trialling of professional development programs designed to assist all schools to improve the quality of Years 7-10 schooling provision by enriching the teaching and learning environment for both students and teachers. This paper introduces the project and presents an account of its overall design.

This paper will be presented as part of Symposium 24 GRE01577 What makes some schools hum? Investigating the achievement of outstanding outcomes in Junior Secondary schooling in New South Wales: A preliminary project report.