Conceptualisation and Measurement of Cognitive Holding Power in Technical and Further Education Learning Settings

Year: 1990

Author: Stevenson, John C

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The concept of Cognitive Holding Power is synthesise from theories of settings and theories of cognitive structures, and is conceptualised as a characteristic of a learning setting which presses students into different kinds of cognitive activity. Cognitive structures are differentiated into different orders, and the role of learning settings in activating different kinds of structures is outlined. It is argued that settings can press students into using first or second order cognitive procedures and can be regarded as having first or second order cognitive holding power. The development of an instrument to measure cognitive holding power is outlined. The dimensions of the developed instrument and their reliability are also discussed. The potential contribution of this research to understanding the relationship between different approaches to the teaching of problem-solving and the ability to undertake problem-solving transfer tasks is outlined.