Creating a constructivist-learning environment using ICT to teach concepts and skills in classroom management: An exploration at NIE, Singapore

Year: 2001

Author: Atputhasamy, Lourdusamy, Koon, Philip Wong Siew, Khine, Myint Swe

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Development of ICT has provided new opportunities for delivering instruction in institutes of Higher Education. At NIE we have made an attempt to develop a learning environment that delivers course materials to students in a variety of formats. An indigenous CD-ROM was developed as a comprehensive resource to facilitate learning the concepts and skills associated with classroom management. The CD-ROM was set up in a web-based format so that it could interface with video-clips and websites that are relevant to classroom management issues. Communication with the students was maintained through Blackboard communication tools. The students also had opportunities to interaction on a face-to-face basis with their peers and the tutors during tutorials. This paper reports on this endeavor in using the new technologies in delivering a teacher education module on classroom management and the perception of students who participated in the experiment.