Self-evaluation of interpersonal behaviour and classroom interaction by teacher trainees

Year: 2001

Author: Atputhasamy, Lourdusamy, Khine, Myint Swe

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Self-evaluation is one of the desirable characteristics particularly relevant to the teaching profession. Though often times teachers engage in a systematic reflection on a lesson delivered, self-evaluation of interpersonal behaviour and/or their interaction with students as part of the classroom management strategy is rarely done. As part of the classroom management module, trainee teachers at the National Institute of Education, Singapore used the Questionnaire on Teacher-Student Interaction (QTI) to evaluate themselves while they were on practice teaching. The questionnaire is designed to assess the interpersonal behaviour of the teachers and the interaction with the students in the classroom. This paper will report the findings from the study that is the perceived strengths and shortcomings of the trainee teachers and discusses how the information may be utilised to assist in self-improvement of trainee teachers in classroom management as well as their implications for teacher education.