Developing community in constructing professional knowledge as a means of informing policy about social justice and equity, in the curriculum (with reference to new Aboriginal Studies curriculum)

Year: 2001

Author: Aspland, Tania

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

It is timely in the Australian context to introduce the teaching of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies into the secondary school sector. In Queensland, a curriculum authority has just completed the development and evaluation of such a syllabus. This paper critiques the evaluation of the syllabus in times when indigenous issues are open for scrutiny and debate in Australia. Thus, it is argued that the traditional model adopted for the processes of syllabus development, implementation and evaluation must be challenged. This paper explores an alternative approach to curriculum evaluation that pushes the boundaries, and that is responsive to social justice and equity issues. It asks new questions for new times about professional practice research in this significant area of educational activity in Australia.