Promoting Productive Pedagogies: Preservice Teacher Education for New Times in Queensland State Schools

Year: 2000


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Recent initiatives in Queensland State Schooling are placing issues of pedagogy clearly in the forefront of major reforms. Significant features of these changes are new ways of talking and thinking about educationa processes; 'New Basics' and 'Rich Tasks' are discursive terms representative of these initiatives. Such dramatic reforms necessitate a rethinking of the ways preservice teacher education readies teachers for new classroom climates and related pedagogies. These changes create discursive differences and tensions between new initiatives and previous practices at various levels.

This paper attempts to address some of these tensions between and among students and academic staff on campus over issues of pedagogy, agency and power as well as resistance based on ideology and acritical reaction to change. This rethinking of pedagogy involves not just new ideas for student teachers but also for those who serve to educate them.