Mentorship: Applying pedagogical methods for musicians to the training of Education students as mentors.

Year: 2000

Author: POWER, A

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

There are but few studies which have examined the mentor relationship in the training of musicians. Nevertheless such mentor relationships have existed since the eighteenth century. A qualitative study by Hays has recently documented the importance of passing on knowledge and performance practice in the training of musicians (Hays, 1998). Hays' study also classified the primary functions of the mentor relationship in two distinct kinds: psycho-social and career-associated.

The challenge for any mentor is to open up new horizons for the mentees. As a result, anxiety may arise. A model for achieving peak musical performance has been applied in the training of student mentors. This paper provides an overview of work with education students and focuses on the psycho-social functions of mentoring through the use of music in the development of interpersonal skills that lead to personal and professional bonds between mentor and mentee.