Teachers as researchers of educational change. Introducing students to peer-assessment and self-assessment

Year: 2000


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In this case study a group of Year 7 students in the ACT were introduced to the concepts of peer-assessment and self-assessment. They worked in groups to research one of the planets in the solar system, and then to produce posters and a class presentation. At the beginning of the unit, students and teacher worked together to produce assessment criteria and scoring rubric for use during the assessment phase of the unit; the teacher developed a reflection sheet to be used at the end. While no trends were discernible in a comparison of grades awarded by peers, teacher and self, what emerged as the most interesting part of the study were the insights provided by watching the students at work on their self and peer-assessment tasks and by comments made in the reflection sheets. These provided thought-provoking ideas about the contribution that these activities can make to the learning process. A review of some of the literature available on this topic and on the more general area of defining and implementing quality assessment strategies is included.