Teachers as researchers of educational change
Legislative reform in the ACT

Year: 2000

Author: PANTING, N

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This research paper critically examines the need for change to the current legislation underpinning education within the jurisdiction of the ACT and addresses the question: What improvements to education can be expected from legislative reform. The paper establishes the context for reform of educational legislation in the ACT and identifies those who would benefit most from the revised legislation. Multiple forms of descriptive data were gathered for the project including observation records of three public and one special interest group meeting, interview data of members of the School Legislation Review Committee, and from interrogation of the key documents pivotal to the review.

This paper argues that simplistic reasons for change provided by government are often dwarfed by the complex issues that surface during the review process. Indeed, many issues needing review are to be found outside the terms suggested or are unearthed as part of the review process. This paper recommends that the introduction of any new legislation should enhance the government‚s capacity to assist schools in implementing change, should allow closer links between the government and the schools and should mitigate the effects of other legislation to ensure the common good‚ for all is upheld.