Three Women and a Research Project: An experiential approach to cooperative research and partnerships in educational research

Year: 2000


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

For the past three years a group of researchers from Yooroang Garang: The School of Indigenous Health Studies at the University of Sydney, has been involved in a study of studentsí experiences during their progress through the Diploma of Health Science: Aboriginal Health and Community Development. The team comprised one experienced qualitative researcher and two members of staff who had no previous experience implementing a research project. The project grew out of a shared interest in educational outcomes for Indigenous students in our school.

The research process can be daunting for beginning researchers. For the inexperienced members of this team the research project provided the opportunity to learn valuable research skills experientially. This paper focuses on the experiences of the team involved in the project. The paper provides a description of the research process, including how the research project developed and was implemented in a team. Although the team included one experienced researcher, we were all new to the process of researching cooperatively. During this project we learned that there are both benefits and challenges to the team approach.