Infusing Thinking Skills into Curriculum Content

Year: 2000

Author: ONG, A C

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Helping students become more effective thinkers is a fundamental goal in education. In recent years societal demands for higher order thinking has generated a strong interest among educators in the teaching of thinking skills. The educational system in Singapore has undertaken major initiatives to introduce far-reaching curricula changes to promote creative and critical thinking in students. In attempting curricula innovations, educators in Singapore find themselves confronted with a confusing variety of models of thinking skills and approaches to the teaching of thinking. They have to grapple with myriad of issues including the conflicting demands of teaching curriculum content and the necessity to inculcate thinking skills. This paper describes a major pilot project which attempted to address some of these key issues. The outcome is an integrative model and framework for a thinking curriculum that was successfully implemented in vocational education This model has been adapted and currently taught in pre- and in-service teacher education courses. In this paper, a brief description of the thinking model is provided as well as the key steps involved in implementing and delivering a thinking curriculum.