Visual Composition through Rugby Union

Year: 2000


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The study presented here resulted in a collection of written and visual texts exploring the compatible elements of Rugby Union and Visual Composition. The collection of paintings, drawings and written work defines the compatible elements of the two disciplines and explains how these elements can be used in a cross-discipline teaching technique. Action research methodologies were employed to determine the effectiveness of this technique in a year seven visual arts class.

The unit of work taught during the study compared certain elements of visual composition to specific elements of a Rugby Union football game. Students participated in historical study, critical study and art making as outlined in the Stage Four Syllabus for Visual Arts in New South Wales. Through the results of anonymous pre/post testing, it was determined that the students simultaneously learned about Visual Composition and Rugby Union. The results suggested that the combination of traditionally incompatible disciplines, in this case Rugby Union and Visual Composition, could be used as a successful teaching technique.