Research literacies and enlarging 'ethnos' within migrant English teaching.

Year: 2000

Author: MELLES, G

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Literacies in plural seems a much more appropriate response to the kinds of narratives ESL teachers construct in their engagement and rejection of calls for research action within multicultural migrant teaching spaces. There is a pragmatic 'knife' sharpened by high contact classroom encounters with acculturation and second language acquisition that searches and often finds normative research 'distance' inadequate to dialogue, collectivity, and history both of self and others. I suggest that enlarging the Rortian 'ethnos' through engaging others involves selecting the communities one wants to belong to or which one wants to observe (with a view possibly to joining) and identifying the vocabularies in use. It also means unpacking this project against/within a background of diverse language literacies interpreted by our own current ethnocentrism. The desire for solidarity and recontextualization I look for is a story I want to tell to others.