Building Success:A Queensland HighSchool Strategic Initiative Project.

Year: 2000


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The "Building Success" action research project began at Kirwan High School in 2000. It involved a group of teachers, support staff, students and members of the wider community addressing the challenges of developing innovative pedagogies for 'at-risk' year nine students with patterns of truancy and behaviour problems in year eight.

The program ran within the school's structure and on the same campus. Students met curriculum outcomes through a significant reconceptualisationof the curriculum framework and integration of their core subjects - English, Maths, Science and Social Science through practical projects unrestrained by timetables and walls. Curriculum was student centered and the types of projects were negotiated with the students. Assessment was also negotiated. Students had the opportunity to engage in work throughlinks with business, university and TAFE. Technology was integrated throughout the curriculum. Authentic involvement was the basis of the program.

Students involved in the program were selected for the following reasons: exhibiting low attendance and participation rates, were at-risk of not completing their schooling, and failing to achieve academic success. Selection was a consultative process between parent, student and teachers. A report on the program's conceptualisation, development, implementation and future will be given.