Children's adjustment to the first year of schooling: Indicators of hyperactivity, internalising and externalising behaviours

Year: 2000


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The transition to the first year of schooling can be a critical factor for children's adjustment to the demands of the school environment and in determining future school success. When children experience social and behavioural problems in the early years of school, they are more likely to continue experiencing these problems throughout their schooling. The identification of behaviours that indicate adjustment can assist early childhood staff in identifying children at risk of maladjustment, and in the implementation of appropriate intervention strategies. This paper will explore work-in-progress involving confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modelling using LISREL to identify items that contribute to constructs of hyperactivity, internalizing and externalizing behaviour, and to identify the relative contribution of each of these items to the adjustment domain of problem behaviour.